FORNACIS, in a scientific meeting on protohistoric urban landscapes

The FORNACIS project will be present at the Scientific Meeting Urban Landscapes of Peninsular Protohistory: New Perspectives for a Comparative Anatomy (Mérida-Botija, May 26 and 27, 2023), coordinated by V. Mayoral (IAM-CSIC), I. Grau (UA) and J. P. Bellón (IUIAI-UJA). A. Rodríguez Díaz (G.I. PRETAGU-UEx) will present the communication entitled “FORNACIS Project: geophysical and archaeometallurgical […]

David Salguero Gordillo, incorporated into the FORNACIS Work Team

David Gordillo Salguero

In December 2022, David Gordillo Salguero, a recent PhD in Antiquity Sciences (University of Salamanca) and currently an archaeologist at the company ANTA CB, has joined the FORNACIS Project Work Team. Said researcher will carry out the study of the classical sources on the conquest and integration of Beturia in the Roman world.

Cruces Blázquez (USAL), new researcher of the FORNACIS Project

At the end of October 2022, M.ª Cruces Blázquez Cerrato (G.I. HESPERIA, University of Salamanca) has joined the research team of the FORNACIS Project. Said researcher, specialist in Numismatics, will carry out the study of the coins that appeared in the excavations of the oppidum and the Hornachuelos-Fornacis necropolis, their integration in the already known […]

Geo-mining and archaeological surveys in the surroundings of Fornacis

Between June 6 and 10, 2022, we have carried out geo-mining and archaeological surveys in the surroundings of Hornachuelos-Fornacis. These works are included in Objective A.4. «Mining-metallurgical characterization of the Sierra de Hornachos». Ester Boixereu (IGME), Mark Hunt (US), Alonso Rodríguez (UEx), Ignacio Pavón (UEx), David M. Duque (UEx) and Andrés Roldán (UEx) have participated. […]

Andrés Roldán Díaz, FPI researcher of the Project

Andrés Roldán Díaz

In November, Andrés Roldán Díaz joined the FORNACIS Project team as an FPI researcher. His doctoral thesis will be based on the study of the material culture of the 2nd-1st centuries BC. and its contextualization in the settlement of Beturia, within the Interuniversity Doctorate Program in Landscape Archeology (UJA-UEx).